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CLASS Publishing

Waccamaw Gold William Woodson 501
Bluffing Larry Ketron 502
Brookgreen Gardens: Through the Seasons in Images and Words Anne Malarich et al. 503
Brookgreen Gardens: The Trail through the Zoo Brookgreen Gardens Volunteers 504
Holidogs Gayle Agee 505
Brookgreen Gardens: Nights of a Thousand Candles Anne Malarich et al. 506
Pawleys Island: Chasing the Light Tanya Ackerman 507
The Friendly Fox Squirrel Ron Daise and Millie Doud 508
Wild Turkey Day Ron Daise and Millie Doud 509
Lost and Found Ernest Merchant 510
A Very Special Family: The House of Joseph Thomas Raad John Kenny 511
Carolina Rambling: A Visual and Poetical Tour Selden B. Hill and William P. Baldwin 512
I CAN! Adventures with Birdie Suzi Youatt 513
Planting with Nana Viki Richardson and Millie Doud 514
Getting Out: A Plan for a Successful Life After Prison Jesse James Marshall 515
Fred & Ted: A Day at the Circus Lizzie Gallo and Carolyn Pais 516
A Country Girl from Colleton County Bryan B. England, Jr. 517
Riverside Blues, A Gullah Tale Tracy S. Bailey 518
Elliott Learns to Swim Nancy Seitz and Barbara Smullen 519
Beach House Card Tricks R. Marc Davison 520
Pawleys Island: An Old Man' s Love Story Robert (Mac) McAlister 521
Fred & Ted: A Day at the Beach Lizzie Gallo and Carolyn Pais 522
Angus, The Gentle Giant Viki Richardson and Millie Doud 523
Poetry from a Southern Heart John Philip Mathis 524
More ... Beach House Card Tricks R. Marc Davison 525

Special Events

SHOP Small EVERY DAY Linda Ketron
Festival of Trees at the Litchfield Exchange Rothrock Collections for Tidelands Hospice
Art Works/CLASS Celebrate Art Works artists, CLASS Publishing authors, CLASS instructors
Kimbel Concert: Zydeco with Ceasar (4/30/16) Lee Brockington emcees this CLASS Production 183
Kimbel Concert: Feelin' Groovy (6/18/16) Donna & Mark Groom 184
Kimbel Concert: Clay Brown (3/18/17) Lee Brockington and Harry Turner 185
Kimbel Concert: Dixeland Swampers (05/06/17) Harry Turner, Lee Brockington 186
Kimbel Concert: Unisoghn (9/16/17) - Sold Out! Harry Turner and Linda Ketron 187
Kimbel Concert: Clay Brown (11/18/17) Harry Turner, Lee Brockington 188
Kimbel Concert: Gracie Holliday (2/17/18) Harry Turner, Lee Brockington 189
Kimbel Concert: JAZZSMITH (4/14/18) Harry Turner, Linda Ketron 190
Kimbel Concert: Mac Arnold (6/30/18) Harry Turner, Lee Brockington 191
Kimbel Concert: Clay Brown & Gracie Holliday-FULL Harry Turner, Lee Brockington 192
Kimbel Concert: Mac Arnold & Plate Full 'O Blues Harry Turner, Lee Brockington 193
Kimbel Concert: Drink Small Returns - 3/9/19 Rickey Poppell, Lee Brockington 194
Kimbel Concert: Lime and the Coconuts (4/27/19) Lee Brockington, Linda Ketron 195
Kimbel Concert: Jason Ray Welsh (11/9/19) Linda Ketron, Lee Brockington 196
Kimbel Concert: Thanks for the Music (2/8/20) Linda Ketron, Lee Brockington 197


Paint-In with Danny McLaughlin Danny McLaughlin 417

Monday Short Courses

Mantra/Metta Monday Zooms Lisa Rosof 401
Mantra/Metta Monday Zooms Lisa Rosof 402

Tuesday Short Courses

Beg/Int Stained Glass - 403 Sharon Knost 403
Int/Adv Stained Glass - 404 Sharon Knost 404
Beg/Int Stained Glass - 405 Sharon Knost 405
All Levels Stained Glass - 406 Sharon Knost 406

Wednesday Short Courses

Int/Adv Stained Glass - 407 Kathy Welde 407
Beg/Int Stained Glass - 408 Kathy Welde 408
All Levels Stained Glass - 409 Kathy Welde 409
Beg/Int Stained Glass - 410 Kathy Welde 410

Thursday Short Courses

Fused Glass Holiday Ornaments - 411 Suz! Mole 411
Fused Glass Fall Serving Dish - 412 Suz! Mole 412
Beginner Alcohol Inks - 413 Suz! Mole 413
Intermediate Alcohol Inks - 414 Suz! Mole 414
Encaustics/Alcohol Inks/Resin - 415 Suz! Mole 415
Fused Glass Fall Serving Dish - 416 Suz! Mole 416
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