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553 - Goodnight, Colonial Georgetown

Instructor: Flo Phillips
Dates: Dec 7, 2023 to Dec 31, 2024
Time: From 12:20 AM to 12:20 AM
Materials: Available at Georgetown County Museum, My Sister's Books
Class Cost: $25.00
Is Class Open? yes
Description: As Georgetown, South Carolina, approaches the 250th celebration of the American Revolution, beloved educator, camp leader and manners guide Flo Phillips prepares the city's younger generation (and probably their parents, too) with clever verses spanning the port's history and its significance. The events are illustrated with attention to historical accuracy by artist Janice Coward. Bidding "Goodnight" to all of the players who made up the area's history, giving a shout out to special ones, and throughout finding the hidden "swamp foxes" – fun for little ones and their readers, fun for older children as well.
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