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532 - Faux Finished, A Mystery

Instructor: Dawn Dixon
Dates: Jun 1, 2021 to Jan 1, 1970
Time: From 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Class Cost: $20.00
Is Class Open? yes
Description: "Faux Finished," a cozy mystery by Dawn Dixon, winner of Malice Domestic's William F. Deeck Grant for Unpublished Writers opens with decorative painter Bridget O’Brien working late at the Magnolia Blossom Country Club when she hears noises in the dark deserted clubhouse. Investigating, she stumbles over a body in the men's locker room. A business woman in Chapel Hill, N.C., Bridget's neglected her family as she dealt with personal demons. But when her estranged teenage daughter confesses to the murder, Bridget finally gets her priorities. She charges into a wacky, reckless investigation to clear her daughter's name. But is the child really innocent? Dodging police, Bridget blitzes through clues and suspects, managing to stay on the right side of the law … just. Despite family secrets frustrating her efforts, and bonding and redemption with loved ones almost out of reach, Bridget targets the killer amid the March Madness of a UNC-Duke basketball game. The teams battle. The crowd erupts. Is Bridget in over her head?
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