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Author: C. Hope Clark
Date/Time: Wednesday 05/29/2024 at 11:00 AM
Book: Edisto Bullet
Synopsis: In Book Ten of this mystery series, when a storm blows out power to half the beach, all hell breaks loose on Edisto Beach. Police Chief Callie Morgan is called to investigate a break-in at El Marko's, the restaurant owned by the man who's unexpectedly become a real part of her life. Then she sees Mark slide an unspent .41 caliber bullet from the bar into his pocket. A bullet seemingly left as a calling card. A bullet he has no intention of mentioning to her. Before they got involved, Callie knew ex-SLED agent Mark Dupree had a past, one he kept carefully buttoned-up and private around her. She understood, but now that past has come calling and his secrets could get someone killed. Suddenly, the man she thought she knew so well is disappearing, lost in secrets he won’t share. Soon more bullets are left as warnings, all on the doorsteps of people in Mark's life. Adding to the uncertainty and chaos is a new-to-town physic, warning anyone who will listen that she sees danger around Mark, vowing that within six days someone will die. The hell of it is, Callie isn't certain the psychic is wrong. She's got six days to unearth a past Mark doesn't want her to know and to protect the town she loves from whatever blew in with the storm.
Restaurant: Quigley’s Next Door
Directions: 257 Willbrook Blvd., Pawleys Island 29585
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