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Author: Roger Jones
Date/Time: Wednesday 05/15/2024 at 11:00 AM
Book: The Final Victory
Synopsis: Based on true events, "The Final Victory" is an exhilarating debut novel that acts as a "metaphor not only for the struggle to survive but also a pathway for redemption." After he is diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, Tripp Avery feels like all is lost. He finds himself coaching a team of twelve men and eight women with cancer diagnoses of their own, hoping to qualify for the Mixed Masters Dragon Boat national championship and defy their prognoses. If they win, they will represent the United States at the International Dragon Boat races in Hong Kong. But soon things get complicated, as four of Tripp's teammates struggle with physical limitations and the psychological weight of their conditions. Members of the team collapse under the pressure and one is hospitalized. Faced with confronting his own failings and struggling to find a way forward, Tripp begins to question his motives, wondering if the win is worth the trauma. Despite the odds, he resolves to rally the team toward a comeback that seems impossible, if only for one final victory. In author Jones' case, the businessman, philanthropist, humanitarian and avid athlete completed his first novel – a goal set during a 2012 trip to East Germany to receive an intensive radiation treatment for neuroendocrine cancer – after attending many writing classes and conferences and by following the oft-voiced advice: Write what you know. Pre-publication accolades from Mary Alice Monroe, Cassandra King, Bill Curry, Patti Henry and Jeffrey Blount ring with heartfelt praise for Roger Jones' debut.
Restaurant: The Village House
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