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Author: Carole O'Neill
Date/Time: Friday 09/25/2020 at 11:00 AM
Book: The Truth Series
Synopsis: The Truth Series follows television journalist Samantha Scott and her team as they try to solve cold case mysteries. O’Neill's former career as a television producer/director/writer allows her to navigate through the assignments from personal experiences. The first, "Hidden Truth," takes place in the little village of Onset, near the bridge to Cape Cod. During the forties, people frequented the dance hall on Saturday nights to see Tommy Dorsey or Guy Lombardo. After a young girl from Boston spent the evening dancing, she left with a local and they found her body in a cranberry bog five days later in the next town. He was placed on trial, but without DNA evidence, was acquitted. When Samantha Scott buys a Victorian cottage in the village, she discovers evidence buried on her property and begins to work with cold case detectives. The second, "Shameful Truth," takes place in Aberfan, Wales. In 1966 a coal mine slide destroyed a village and elementary school, killing 116 children. For thirty years after the 70-day tribunal concluded the party responsible, the facts were sequestered from Britain. This is the story of Gaynor Madgewick. She was eight years old when she became one of ten survivors. Her sister and brother were not among them. O'Neill interviewed her and her family, as well as many of the people in the village, for a documentary that aired in Boston. The third, "Taylor's Truth," takes place along the Grand Strand, from Myrtle Beach to McClellanville. When nineteen-year-old Taylor Caldwell arrives in Myrtle Beach on spring break, she has no idea she won't be returning with her class. "Taylor's Truth" is based on the author's recent work with the South Carolina Task Force on Human Trafficking.
Restaurant: Kimbel's, Wachesaw
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