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Author: Karen White
Date/Time: Friday 10/25/2019 at 11:00 AM
Book: The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street
Synopsis: The Christmas spirit is overtaking Tradd Street with a vengeance in this festive new novel in the New York Times bestselling series by one of our all-time favorite feast authors. Melanie Trenholm should be anticipating Christmas with nothing but joy — after all, it's only the second Christmas she and her husband, Jack, will celebrate with their twin toddlers. But the ongoing excavation of the centuries-old cistern in the garden of her historic Tradd Street home has been a huge millstone, both financially and aesthetically. Local students are thrilled by the possibility of unearthing more Colonial-era artifacts at the cistern, but Melanie is concerned by the ghosts connected to it that have suddenly invaded her life and her house — and at least one of them is definitely not filled with holiday cheer... And these relics aren't the only precious artifacts for which people are searching. A past adversary is convinced there is a long-lost Revolutionary War treasure buried somewhere on the property Melanie inherited — untold riches rumored to have been brought over from France by the Marquis de Lafayette himself and intended to help the Colonial war effort. It's a treasure literally fit for a king, and there have been whispers throughout history that many have already killed — and died —for it. And now someone will stop at nothing to possess it — even if it means destroying everything Melanie and Jack hold dear.
Restaurant: 21 Main, North Myrtle Beach
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