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Author: Patty Kolencik & Jane Petrone
Date/Time: Tuesday 03/12/2024 at 11:00 AM
Book: Wachesaw and Richmond Hill Plantations: A Short History
Synopsis: Step back in time as two lifelong educators take you on a captivating journey through the centuries to reveal the complex historical account of two intertwined antebellum rice plantations, Wachesaw and Richmond Hill. This intriguing trek through the passage of time will take the reader through the early Native American settlements to colonization, the rice culture, the Civil War and Reconstruction, northern investment, and southern development, highlighting the families whose lives revolved around the two estates. Whether a history buff or just a curious reader, this short history brings the whispers from the past alive as one journeys through the victories and struggles of these plantations, which are now recognized in the National Register of Historic Places.
Restaurant: Kimbel's, Wachesaw
Directions: 1 Magill Way, Murrells Inlet 29576
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