The Moveable Feast offers monthly luncheons featuring presenters on a broad range of cultural topics (music, art, drama, history, and some literature, mostly by local and CLASS-published authors). Each is individually priced. Email [email protected] or call 843-235-9600 for more information. Click here to register online!


Author: Ackerman, Damron, Dixon, Larsen, Layton & Lowe - FULL!
Date/Time: Tuesday 12/13/2022 at 11:00 AM
Book: Holiday Moveable Feast
Synopsis: Continuing the "giving" tradition, CLASS and My Sister's Books will host not one, not two, but SIX fabulous authors at this Holiday Moveable Feast! Enjoy Tanya Ackerman's Chasing the Light Pawleys Island puzzle and 2023 Calendar, Carla Damron's clinically-informed thrillers, Dawn Dixon's sports-infused cozy mystery, Laurie Larsen's heartwarming and inspirational love stories, Jackie Layton's charming Dog Walker Mystery Series, and T.I. Lowe's gritty, tender and uplifting Carolina Coast Series. Each will "give" a 10-minute gallop through their creative output followed by a lovely lunch around The Village House's holiday tree, loaded with giveaways. The party will continue next door at My Sister's Books with sales, signing, and sipping.
Restaurant: The Village House, Litchfield
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