Some Art Works and CLASS-sponsored events (receptions, fundraisers) are held at the Litchfield Exchange; others (Moveable Feasts, Kimbel Concert Series, and Women's Retreats) are held other locations.

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441 - Tuesday Tastings at The Reserve - 2:30 PM

Instructor: Holly Poteet and Cindy Hedrick
Dates: Feb 7, 2023 to Feb 7, 2023
Time: From 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Materials: All materials provided.
Class Cost: $35.00
Is Class Open? yes
Description: If you have been wanting to change your eating habits, substituting plant-based alternatives for meat, but are overwhelmed by the options and the expense of trial-and-error, let lifelong professional foodie Holly Poteet and 20-year vegan Cindy Hedrick guide you on the journey to a "kind" diet – kinder to your health, kinder to the animals, and kinder to our planet. Springboarding from Cindy's new book ("No Voice … Our Choice"), the duo offer once a month "tastings," including the options, preparation, and comparative taste/texture. Our February Tasting will be a VEGAN MARDI GRAS! You will learn how to prepare Creamy Cajun "Chik'n" Pasta, Vegan Cajun Gumbo and Vegan Beignets! Limited to 8 hungry participants.
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