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CLASS LLC plans and delivers a variety of cultural events and services, including The Moveable Feast, selected art courses, boat excursions, women's retreats, and local author publishing. Our message machine is on duty when we're not! You can email [email protected] or call 843.235.9600, and we will retrieve messages and return calls.

CLASS Publishing Division is growing by leaps and bounds and demonstrates the terrific talent residing among your neighbors. The local authors (fiction, history, children's books, photography and art) include Tanya Ackerman, Tracy Bailey, William (Billy) Baldwin, Virginia & Dana Beach, Ginny Brock, Lee Brockington, Cindy Clark, Sonya Cooper, Natalie & Ron Daise, Marc Davison, Dawn Dixon, Christine Doran & Janice Coward, Millie Doud, Anton DuMars, Bryan England, Jennie Holton Fant, Johnny L. Ford, Liz Gallo, Cindy Hedrick, Seldon (Bud) Hill, Maureen Horwath, Robert Jenkins, Judy Johnson, Miranda & Thomas Johnson, John Kenny, Maura Kenny, Larry Ketron, Patricia Kolencik & Jane Petrone, Mike Lassiter, Anne Swift Malarich, Jesse Marshall, John Mathis, Robert (Mac) McAlister, Susan Hoffer McMillan, Ernie Merchant, Vennie Deas Moore, Flo Phillips & Janice Coward, Archibald Rutledge, Robin Salmon, C.E. Smith, and William Woodson.

At the behest and backing of The Friends of Hampton Plantation, the long out-of-print but absolutely invaluable history of the "St. James Santee: Plantation Parish" has been reprinted by CLASS Publishing. This meticulously researched and highly readable work by Anne Baker Leland Bridges and Roy Williams III, both now deceased, records the history of the territory between Georgetown and Charleston from 1685-1925, the challenges of the French Huguenots and English Protestants to settle and thrive as refugees from religious persecution, and their struggles with climate, terrain, wars, and disease.

Spring 2024 reintroduces two of SC poet laureate Archibald Rutledge's beloved works, spearheaded by Jayson Sellers, park manager of Hampton Plantation and funded by the South Carolina State Park Service:
"Days Off In Dixie" (a collection of 25 short stories originally published 100 years ago by the young author working far from his beloved home, the tales reveal Rutledge’s love and longing for the world of Hampton Plantation, to which he traveled at every opportunity)
"How Wild Was My Village" (A story-cycle of 75 prose poems, each recounting a pivotal moment in the lives of people who lived, loved, laughed and died in the wild village of Archibald Rutledge’s youth).

Click on "CLASS List & Publishing" above for details of these and our other publications. Selected titles are available on the Waccamaw Neck at Brookgreen Gardens Keepsakes, Driftwood Mercantile, My Sister's Books, The Original Hammock Shop, and in Georgetown, at the Georgetown County Museum, The Rice Museum, and Waterfront Books, The Village Museum in McClellanville and the Preservation Society of Charleston Shop.

The Moveable Feast, in operation for the past 27 years, offers literary luncheons on (mostly) TUESDAYS, featuring presenters on a broad range of cultural topics (music, art, drama, history, and literature). Each Feast is $35 per person (or 3 for $100), unless special circumstances dictate a higher fee.

To register or receive updates for Moveable Feasts, send your e-dress to [email protected] or call 843.235.9600. To pay for Moveable Feasts or any of the CLASSes, send your check, payable to CLASS, to PO Box 2884, Pawleys Island, SC 29585. Or wait for our call to confirm and secure your credit card information.

CLASS (Community Learning About Special Subjects) offers special excursions, retreats, and unique art courses & workshops. Click on CLASS List & Publishing above for details about:

Twice monthly Paint-Ins at the Litchfield Exchange with Danny McLaughlin;

Stained Glass courses with Kathy Welde and Sharon Knost, held at the Parish Hall of Holy Cross Faith Memorial Church, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Spring schedule posted on CLASS List above. If you are interested, call Linda at 843.235.9600 and we'll see if we can get you in one of the classes.

Lee Brockington will host her next semi-annual Women's Retreat at the Sea View Inn, in October, 2024;

Imagine Charters, 6-passenger pontoon boat excursions on the rivers and tributaries of Winyah Bay to Arcadia, Hasty Point and the PeeDee, captained by Paul Kenny and interpreted by Lee Brockington, are scheduled for the "season." Dates and availability posted on CLASS List & Publishing above;

CLASS LLC (productions and publishing) and The Moveable Feast are owned and managed by Linda Ketron, 843.235.9600 or [email protected].

The Moveable Feast

The Moveable Feast offers monthly luncheons featuring presenters on a broad range of cultural topics (music, art, drama, history, and some literature, mostly by local and CLASS-published authors). Each is individually priced.

The Next Feast...

C. E. Smith

author of "A Pocket Wild: Notes from a Carolina Marsh" at Hot Fish Club.

"C.E. (Chip) Smith is "the voice" for the natural world in Murrells Inlet. Known and loved for his brilliant black-and-white photography and his piercing, evocative essays on what he calls this "pocket wild" – essays that grew from articles published in his weekly newspapers the "Inlet Image" and "Barefoot Messenger," and in the much-missed "Lowcountry Companion" – and respected by area scientists for his rational analysis of "the data" and its implications for our future, Chip doesn't just talk the talk. In post-Hugo 1992, he started the now-regionally recognized "Spring Tide" clean-up of the creek, when more than 600 Inlet enthusiasts brought in 75-150 tons of trash and hurricane debris. For the first decade the yearly haul ranged from 12-15 tons and, in recent years (under the auspices of Murrells Inlet 2020), between 300-400 volunteers annually harvest about 3-5 tons of flotsam and jetsam out of the marsh and from along the roadways – an improvement but a job without end. His lyrical, informative essays celebrate the natural workings of the Inlet marsh while soberly examining the effects of economic development. Reading Chip will send you marshside to explore for yourself . . . or get you googling to learn more. Whether you’re a "been-yere" or a "come-yere," you will find new knowledge, new understanding, and new feelings of protectiveness for this "pocket wild" from a prose poet who loves the place, learns all he can, and shares it with you."

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